Husqvarna Vari Cut S35 Turbo Diamond Blade - 300-400mm

The Husqvarna Vari Cut S35 Turbo is laser welded with a soft bond, particularly suitable for use with the K770 VAC.

Ideally suited to cutting hard stone and cured concrete, the Vari-Cut S35 Turbo also cuts reinforced concrete, bricks and roof tiles

Available in 300mm, 350mm and 400mm diameter, each size has an interchangeable bore between 25.4mm and 20mm. Please note the K770 VAC only fits the 300mm (12") size.

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High-quality finishing of cut

Excellent cutting finish from turbo-jointed diamond segments, laser welded for optimum performance on hard stone and concrete. Another side-effect is reduced vibration levels for enhanced comfort. 

High speed in hard concrete and construction materials

The composition of the blade is designed for high speed in hard materials. The diamond segments are aligned in a combination of straight and turbo, to provide optimum cutting at all speeds. Each segment is designed to reduce the contact surface in concrete, so a new blade has optimum control.

Made to the Highest Standards

Husqvarna's production conforms to ISO 9001 standards of quality and EN13236 safety levels, to ensure consistency and stability of product time after time. As a member of OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives), Husqvarna are proficient at recreating the highest levels of quality and safety in all their diamond blades.

Good balance between performance and cost

Vari-Cut blades have a balanced performance/price ratio which makes it less expensive than the Elite Cut, but still with laser-welded diamond segments for superb cutting results.