Husqvarna Vari-Cut Electric Diamond Blade - 14"/350mm

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The Vari-Cut Electric is a specialist diamond blade from Husqvarna suitable for electric cutters such as the K4000 and its predecessor the K3000. 

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£90.00 £75.00
RRP £150.00

Product Information

Husqvarna devote a huge amount of resources to research and development, and they have now created a specialist diamond blade for electric cutters.

The configuration of the diamond segments, size and frequency of the laser-welded diamonds and the size and shape of the gullets help to compensate for the lower spin speed of electric machines.


An electric disc cutter has a disc spinning speed of 4000 revolutions per minute, which is lower than the typical 5500 rpm that you might get with a traditional petrol powered machine. This lower spinning speed would normally translate to a slight decrease in cutting performance. The Vari-Cut Electric compensates for this reduced power with a reconfiguration of the diamond segments, so that each turn of the blade delivers more cutting impact.


Using an electric cutter such as the K4000 or K3000 is quieter than a traditional fuelled machine, and of course there are no emissions. This makes it much more friendly to the environment, especially when working indoors. The Vari-Cut Electric makes the decision to move to electric cutting easier, because you now don't have to sacrifice power when you're saving on noise and emissions.