Husqvarna Vari-Chain C45 Diamond Chain - 18"/450mm

The Vari-Chain C45 is a diamond chain to fit the Husqvarna K970 chain for cutting concrete. With improved chain strength and increased diamond content, the C45 outperforms previous equivalents, such as the SLC45 and ELC45.

Maximum cutting depth: 455mm

Chain/bar length: 450mm

MPN: 590765501

Please note, models of K970 Chain with serial number of 201601000001 or lower, and K960 Chain and K950 Chain will require the following additional parts to enable fitting of the newer 18" bar and chains:

587 26 99-01 - SPLINEWAY

588 67 97-01 - GEAR WHEEL KIT

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The following applies with regards to the new style peripherals:

  • Husqvarna guide bar and chain fits ICS chain power cutters
  • ICS guide bar and chain fits Husqvarna chain power cutters
  • Husqvarna Chain does not fit today's 16" guide bar (ICS F4) - risk of wearing rim socket
  • Pro45 Chain (ICS F4) does not fit Husqvarna 18" guide bar - risk of wearing rim out before chain

The new diamond chains from Husqvarna are built on a stronger chassis and each diamond segment has been redesigned to last longer and deliver higher performance with all materials. 

Vari-Chain is the pro/silver range of diamond chains, bringing an excellent balance between performance and value. Along the lines of Vari-Cut blades and Vari-Grind surfacing products, this range is the most popular all-rounder.

Minimised chain stretch

Every chain rivet is protected from abrasive slurry which can cause chain stretch. The new chain chassis on the Vari Chain series is even more robust.

Smooth cuts with optimised segments

Double bumper segment support for smooth cutting performance. Each segment is optimised for best performance. The Vari-Chain C45 has increased life and 15% diamond volume compared with the previous SLC and ELC chains.

Sprocket included

The chain is delivered as standard with a nine-toothed sprocket.