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Husqvarna Vacuum Sledge Attachment for K3000

Husqvarna Vacuum Kit Attachment for K535i

Husqvarna Vacuum Sledge Attachment for K3000/K4000

The Husqvarna Vac attachment’s unbeatable dust collection enables you to cut without water. With the quick connection it’s easy to quickly install and remove the Vac attachment. Fits the K4000 and K3000 Wet and Dry cutter.

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The vacuum sledge attachment fits easily onto the new K4000 wet and dry cutter. This helps control dust when in dry cutting mode. The attachment is designed to be used with a dust extractor such as the Husqvarna S13 and S26, which are also available from Red Band.

This item is very quick to attach and remove, so you can use the same cutting equipment for wet and dry cutting.

Manufacturer's Part Number: 523 09 50-01