Husqvarna TS 114 Garden Tractor c/w 95cm deck

The Husqvarna TS 114 is a reliable garden tractor which has been purposely engineered to combine ease of use with an exceptional mowing experience on any small, medium and large lawn.

It has a 95cm side-discharge cutting deck with electric blade engagement and is conveniently compact for optimised access, operation, access and storage, with ergonomically placed levers and side-by-side pedal operation, enabling you to enjoy a perfectly cut lawn with minimal effort and strain.

The TS 114 is additionally equipped with a Hydro-Gear hydraulic transmission, dual-headlights, an hour meter, turn key start, adjustable driver seat, lever-mounted cutting height adjustment, anti-scalp wheels, fuel level window, towing hook and side-by-side pedal placement which also permits mowing in reverse.

TS 114 - Husqvarna HS 452AE single cylinder engine (452cm³/8.4kW). 95cm deck. Cutting height 25-100mm.

An optional 2-bin (210 litre capacity) grass collector, side eject BioClip® mulch plate and a comprehensive range of custom all-year-round labour-saving towed accessories are available for the TS114 garden tractor.

The TS 114 is supplied complete with a 95cm side-discharge cutting deck as standard.

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MPN 970622501
Engine Husqvarna HV 452AE
Engine Power 452cm³/8.4kW
Cylinders 1
Engine Type Petrol (4-Stroke)
Oil Filter No
Deck Size 95cm
Cutting Height Range 25-100mm
Anit-Scalp Wheels 2
Transmission Hydrostatic
Transmission Manufacturer Hydro-Gear
Drive Method Dual pedal-operation
Max Speed (Fwd / Rev) 9km/h / 5km/h
Front-End Protection No. Available as accessory
Seat Back Height Medium
Steering Wheel Ergonomic
Hour Meter Type Digital
Price (Exc. VAT) £2,095.00 (inc 95cm deck)

Enjoy the comfort, quality, cutting performance and durability which you would expect from a Husqvarna signature garden ride-on tractor.

The TS 114 is equipped with a variety performance and operating refinements to enhance the user-experience. These include tool-less adjustment of the driver seat position, dual headlights to the front, a digital hour meter, easy speed and direction control with pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission (separate pedals for forward and reverse), cutting deck equipped with anti-scalp wheels to reduce the risk of scalping when cutting uneven lawns, an ergonomic driving position with easy-access controls and plenty of leg room thanks to the adjustable seat, spring assisted cutting deck height adjustment, mow in reverse functionality, turn key start, electric blade engagement, dual-pedal drive for better control and intuitive operation, a convenient fuel level window and an included towing hook for suitable for use with multiple rear attachments.