Husqvarna Discharge Deflector

The Husqvarna Discharge Deflector is designed for use with all models of Husqvarna ride-on garden tractors with integrated collection, converting them from collection to rear ejection.

The Discharge Deflector directs the discharged grass clippings backwards and downwards.

It is designed for use with all Husqvarna collecting tractors from model year 2013; CT, CTH and TC models (with the exception of the TC 112 and TC 114 models which have a different Discharge Deflector (5388993-01) and the 126 Series).

960 71 00-41 - For use with all Husqvarna CT, CTH and TC garden tractor models 2013> with rear collection.

538 89 93-01 - For use with Husqvarna TC 112 and TC 114 rear collection models only.

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MPN (All CT, CTH & TC* Models) 9607100-41
MPN (TC 112 & TC 114 Only) 5388993-01