Husqvarna Automower® Terrain Wheel Kit

The Husqvarna Terrain Kit consists of a pair of heavy, lug-rimmed rear wheels to provide excellent traction on sloping lawns. Also included in the pack is a set of wheel brushes plus clips and screws to attach the wheels to your 310, 315 or 315X Automower.

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  305 Model 300 Series 400 Series
Compatible models 305 310, 315 320, 330X, 420, 430X, 450X
Part number 597705401 587235301 581889702
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Husqvarna Automowers are excellent at cutting all types of lawns, in different sizes and complexities. The 310 and 315 models usually make light work of slanted or sloped lawns, but some rough and sloped lawns may need premium wheels to achieve extra traction.

Just like car enthusiasts might prefer the sporty model with premium alloy wheels, the terrain wheels from Husqvarna lend additional style as well as extra functionality. 

Please note that the 300 series fits the 310 and 315 models of Husqvarna Automower, and the 400 series fits the 320 and 330X models as well as the 420, 430X and 450X.

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