Husqvarna DC6000 Dust Extractor

Husqvarna DC6000 Dust Extractor - 3 Phase Electric

Husqvarna Longopac Liners (4 pack)

Husqvarna Longopac Liners (4 pack)

Husqvarna T10000 Dust Extractor - 3 Phase Electric

The Husqvarna T10000 is an effective industrial dust extractor to match the highly productive Dual Drive Technology™ grinding machines Husqvarna PG 820 RC, PG 820, PG 680 RC, PG 680 as well as shavers, shot blasters and saws. Also perfect together with our pre separator C 5500 that easily can be mounted on the dust extractor.

T 10000 is ideal for heavy-duty work and exacting demands on dust extraction. Powerful motor with ample capacity. The machine can deal with materials that are difficult to handle, such as grinding dust and demolition materials in a wide variety of applications. Has a reliable filter system with high collecting efficiency and a long filter life, and can deal with large quantities of fine dust. Equipped with three tested and certified HEPA class H13 filters ensuring clean air exhaust. The primary sock-style pre-filters provide long, uninterrupted service and can be cleaned efficiently from outside the tank via Jet Pulse air pressure. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.

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Phases 3~ Product size height 1727 mm
Voltage 400 V Product size length 1400 mm
Air requirement 900 m³/h Product size width 736 mm
Rated input power 11 kW Weight 336 kg
Max. vacuum 30 mbar Air requirement 900 m³/h
Rated input power 11 kW MPN 967663704

Efficient filtration system

The three separate filtering stages result in longer working time between filter cleaning. The dust is filtered through a cyclone chamber, which separate the heaviest parts, up to 95% of the dust, before the washable main filter. The HEPA micro filters are individual tested and certified to capture 99.99% of the remaining silivia dust in the respirable fraction (0.3µm).

Easy and efficient filter cleaning

The Jet Pulse filter cleaning system ensures high continuous airflow thanks to easy and efficient cleaning of the conical main filter without opening the machine.

Durable design

Corrosion-resistant steel clamps, welded frame with dust bag platform and durable steel handle make it ready to serve for many years.

Excellent stability and mobility

The slim design, solid non-marking tires, swivel casters and hitch for attaching a separator allows for excellent mobility and stability.

High Efficiency Particulate Air filter

Individually tested and certified HEPA micro filters catching 99.99% of the remaining silica dust in the sepirable fraction (0.3µm).

For demanding industrial applications

For demanding industrial applications, where high suction and flow are required to eliminate airborne dust.

Easy-to-read airflow monitoring

Alerts you when the filter needs to be cleaned or changed.


The hour counter facilitates you to know when it is time for service and how many the hours the machine has been used.

Clean and simple bag change

The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple changes of the bag without any dust spills.