Husqvarna Smart High Frequency Pokers

The Smart range of high frequency concrete vibrators from Husqvarna feature three sizes, depending on which hose diameter you require. 

Whilst this electronic poker delivers high vibrating amplitude and force at the point of action, it is engineered and designed to have reduced exposure to vibrations for the operator.

The generous combined hose and cable length of 20m gives you a decent amount of reach for more comfortable and efficient operation.

Please choose the diameter you need from the options below (40mm, 48mm 56mm)

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Model Smart 40 Smart 48 Smart 56
Voltage 110V 110V 110V
Vibration levels  4.62 m/s² 5.87 m/s² 2.47 m/s²
Hose length 5m 5m 5m
Hose Diameter 40mm 48mm 56mm
Cable length 15m 15m 15m
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1,120.00 £1,150.00 £1,175.00

Performance and reliability

High centrifugal force and consistent vibration frequency at 12000 vibrations per minute deliver superb results in all types of concrete slump. 

Reach out

10 metres of hose and 15 metres of cable enable you to reach further into the concrete

Plug in and get started

The Smart vibrating poker has an inbuilt frequency converter which enables you to get up and working quickly if you have the right voltage.

Smart ergonomics

Vibrations stay in the concrete rather than in the handle. this is achieved by the placement of the motor within the poker head.