Husqvarna Smart-E High Frequency Pokers - 110V

The Husqvarna Smart E series of high frequency electric concrete vibrators feature a pistol grip handle and a short 0.5m long hose, making them perfectly suited for vibrating floors and other shallow spot pokering duties around the job site or production facility.

They are lightweight, easy to handle, highly efficient and are designed for professional use. They feature a built-in frequency convertor means that you can simply plug into an appropriate power supply, power up and start working - no additional external power source required. The 15m of electrical cable enables operators to use the Smart-E at long distances from the power supply.

The intelligent integrated frequency convertor combines reliability and performance with the latest technology to produce high centrifugal force, stable speed and high amplitude for excellent concrete vibration with fewer dips in any type of concrete slump. The innovative motor-in-head design of the Smart ensures the powerful vibrations produced stay inside the concrete where they belong and are required, instead of in the users hands and arms.

Husqvarna Smart-E (110V 1ph) - available in three head sizes (40, 48 or 56mm diameter) with a 0.5m hose length.

Minimum 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

*Elastomer End Caps are available as optional extras for each model of poker.

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Model Smart E40 Smart E48 Smart E56
MPN 967855805 967940201 967940301
Input voltage/frequency 110V - 50/60Hz 110V - 50/60Hz 110V - 50/60Hz
Amp rating 5A (1-phase) 9A (1-phase) 12.8A (1-phase)
Recommended Transformer 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent* 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent* 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent*
Diameter 40mm 48mm 56mm
Frequency V.P.M. Up to 12000 Up to 12000 Up to 12000
Shaft length 0.5m 0.5m 0.5m
Cable length 15m 15m 15m
Weight 12kgs 13.6kgs 14.8kgs
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*See our transformer guide for more info.

Smart-E series high frequency electric concrete pokers are supplied with fifteen metres of electrical cable and 5m hose lengths which provides the user with extended reach around the worksite.

By using electricity rather instead of petrol, Smart E series pokers produce no fumes and less noise. The power unit features an LED indicator which shows the operational status of the vibrator.