Husqvarna S11 HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum -110V Electric

The waiting is over for a compact H-Class HEPA wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner. The Husqvarna S11 can be used for general site cleaning when using handheld tools, and it can even connect to the battery powered K535i using the vacuum sledge accessory.

The S11 dust extractor falls into the highest (H) classification of dust extraction. Click here to learn more about H class and HEPA machines.

With two H-class HEPA filters, the S11 can filter and separate microscopic particles below 100th of a milimetre.

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MPN 970466608
Motor 110V Electric
Power 1.2kW
Container capacity 25L
Air Flow 263 m³/h
Max Vacuum, mbar 270
Max Vacuum, kPa 22
Weight 15kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £640.00

Highly portable

The S11 wet and dry vacuum is lightweight and compact, with static wheels at the back and a pair of pivoting castors at the front. The integrated transport handle allows for convenient lifting into a vehicle or up stairs.

Highly productive

A high vacuum rate of 270 mbar makes it powerful enough to make light work of general surface dust. The airflow remains constantly high and the filter can be cleaned just by shaking it during operation, which reduces downtime

Highest filtration standard

Multi-stage filtering starts with the cycline chamber, which separates the heaviest content, then the fine particles go through the washable main filter. As the majority of dust is pre-separated, the main filter serves for longer before cleaning.