Husqvarna R200 Snow Blade

The Husqvarna Snow Blade is designed to be front mounted on all Husqvarna R200 Series range of outfront riders, providing an efficient means of clearing paths and driveways with the minimum of effort and maximum efficiency.

This rugged and durable steel blade has a steel blade edge, a working width of 120cm with 3 steps of angle adjustment and can be set at different angles to the left or to the right to suit individual needs. Requires rubber strip/blade as an attachment.

For rear-wheel-drive riders snow chains and a counterweight should be used to provide extra traction when using the R200 Snow Blade. When fitted to AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) models, chains or counterweight should not be used.

The R200 Snow Blade is available is buy either unassembled in a kit form, or fully pre-assembled by us prior to delivery and ready to go on delivery.

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MPN 9650709-01
Angle Adjust, Left 22.5°
Angle Adjust, Right 22.5°
Angle Adjustment Steps 3
Working Width 120cm
Weight 32kg