Husqvarna Towed Throw Spreader -Larger Areas

Husqvarna Towed Throw Spreader 75 -Larger Areas (200-400 Series)

Husqvarna Towed Sweeper

Husqvarna Towed Sweeper -292L Capacity

Husqvarna Snow Blade Attachments (200-300 Series)

Snow blade for clearing paths and driveways. Can be set to different angles. 

Different options for Husqvarna 200 series (eg R214T) and 300 series (eg R316TX). Requires Rubber Strip 531021240

£474.00 £395.00
RRP from £499.00 Inc. VAT


200 Series 300 Series
MPN 965070901 966415901
Working Width 120cm 120cm
Rubber Strip Required YES YES
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £395.00 £475.00