Husqvarna Attachment Platform

The Husqvarna Attachment Platform is designed to house a variety of custom labour-saving gardening attachments; aerator, plug aerator and dethatcher, and in doing so, further increase the opportunities and utilisation of your Husqvarna garden tractor or outfront rider.

This rear-mounted towed optional accessory is designed for use with all Husqvarna TC (collection) and TS (side-eject) ride-on garden tractors and R100 to R400 Series range of outfront riders.

The beauty of the concept is two-fold, not only does the system take up less space than to that compared to the equivalent amount of separate, dedicated tools, but also costs less too. The platform is also to be stored when not in use in the vertical position to further reduce the storage space required.

The platform is made from durable steel and is equipped with a universal hitch and a tool-less connection system for quick attachment interchange.

Recommended for use with the Husqvarna Aerator, Plug Aerator and Dethatcher attachments.

The Husqvarna Attachment Platform is available is buy either unassembled in a kit form, or fully pre-assembled by us prior to delivery and ready to go on delivery.

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MPN 5866372-01
Drive System Mechanical
Loading Capacity 63.5kg
Tyre Size 250mm
Working Width 101.6cm
Weight 27kg