Husqvarna RC 320Ts AWD Rider Collect (103 or 112cm deck)

The Husqvarna RC 320Ts AWD (All Wheel Drive) is a high specification outfront ride-on mower which is equipped with a powerful V-Twin engine, four-wheel drive and a highly innovative and efficient ACTechTM(anti-clog) grass collection system.

The four-wheel drive (AWD) of the RC320Ts AWD enables it to be used on all terrain types, flat, undulating and sloped, as well as providing greater traction during normal use.

The Achilles Heel of many other mowers with different grass collection systems is that they tend to rely on air to effectively blow the cut grass from the deck, up through a tube to the collector where it is to be deposited. Long or wet grass has a tendency to become clogged and often the collector itself is only partially filled.

The RC 320Ts AWD overcomes this by having a simple, yet ingenious and efficient anti-clog auger which instead carries the grass through the machine before feeding it to the large 300 litre capacity collector at the rear of the mower. This system and automatic compaction also means more grass is collected in the grass box. And increases runtime between emptying cycles. The collected grass can also be deposited by the press of a button from the convenience of the driver’s seat, without having to dismount from the mower.

It is available with either a 103 or 112cm cutting deck, offering first-class BioClip® mulching for lawn fertilisation, collection and rear ejection cutting for higher, tougher grass.

The RC320TsAWD is suitable for homeowner use, on areas on grass large and small. It can be used with a wide range of optional Husqvarna custom accessories for all-year-round use and maximum return on investment.

RC 320Ts AWD - Husqvarna HV 635AE V-Twin engine (635cm3/12.7kW). 103 or 112cm Deck.

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MPN 970621201
Engine Husqvarna HV 635AE
Engine Size/Power 635cm³/12.7kW
Cylinders 2 (V-Twin)
Engine Type Petrol (4-Stroke)
Engine Cooling Air
Engine Lubrication Type Pressure with oil filter
Transmition Hydrostatic AWD
Deck Size 103 or 112cm
Cutting Height 25-27mm
Cutting Height Steps 7
Uncut Circle 60cm
Drive Method Dual pedal-operation
Max Speed (Fwd / Rev) 8km/h / 7km/h
Seat Type Foldable
Hour Meter Type Digital
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 209 x 103 x 128cm
Wheelbase 90cm
Ground Clearance 90mm
Collector Volume 300 litres
Weight (exc deck) 327kg
Price (Exc. VAT) £6,868.00*

*Price excludes the supply of a cutting deck or accessories which are available to buy as optional extras to suit individual requirements.

The RC320Ts AWD is a highly innovative, high performance and high specification mower packed with a wealth of user and performance enhancing features which include an All-Wheel-Drive system, pivoting rear axle, articulated steering, automatic blade engagement and pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission.

Other features include the ability to switch from collecting to non-collecting at the push of a button without having to dismount from the mower, automatic tipping (again from the driver’s seat at a press of a button), LED headlights, a digital hour meter with service minder, easy-access cutting height lever, easy-access intuitive controls, four large wheels, engine positioned behind the driver, a comfortable driving position, turn key start, a transparent fuel tank with an external fuel cap for easy fuelling and easy-access service points (decks can also be put into a service position for easy cleaning and maintenance).

With its front-mounted cutting deck, the RC320TsAWD provides users with a great elevated overview of the grass area to be cut and any obstacles which need to be avoided or navigated, while its low centre of gravity provides a feeling of increased stability and safety. Despite its physical size, it is incredibly easy and agile to manoeuvre, with a uncut circle of just 60cm.

A comprehensive range of optional powered and non-powered custom front mount or towed labour-saving attachments available for the RC320TsAWD enable it to do so much more than just cut grass and permit users with the possibility of all-year-round use.