Husqvarna R 216T AWD Rider (94 or 103cm deck)

The Husqvarna R216T AWD is a high specification ride-on-mower with a powerful V-Twin cylinder engine and phenomenal terrain handling capabilities, superior manoeuvrability and driving, thanks in part to its pivoting rear axle, articulated steering and advanced AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) system.

It is designed for all year round demanding domestic and landowner use alike and is suitable for flat, undulating and challenging terrains.

It is available with a choice of either a 94 or 103cm Husqvarna Combi (triple head) cutting deck, each of which provides two cutting methods, BioClip® (mulching) and super-efficient rear ejection. Decks can be placed in a convenient service position for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The R216TAWD has been voted Best Premium Choice Ride-on Lawn Mower/Garden Tractor by PriceRunner for three consecutive years (2020, 2021 and 2022), describing it as being “simply in a class of its own”.

R 216T AWD - Husqvarna HV 586AE V-Twin engine (586cm3/11.3kW). 94 or 103cm Deck. 225kg (exc deck).

This premium four-wheel drive mower is equipped with a wealth of performance and user enhancing features, including LED headlights, adjustable steering wheel, automatic blade engagement, pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, easy-access cutting height lever and controls, an hour meter, turn key start and even a bottle holder. An expansive range of custom all-year-round labour-saving attachments are also available for use with the R216TAWD.

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MPN 970542401
Engine Husqvarna HV586AE
Engine Power 586cm³/11.3kW
Cylinders 2 (V-Twin)
Engine Type Petrol (4-Stroke)
Engine Cooling Air
Engine Lubrication Type Splash with pressure filtration
Transmission Hydrostatic AWD (All Wheel Drive)
Deck Size 94 or 103cm
Cutting Height 25-75mm
Cutting Height Steps 7
Uncut Circle 30cm
Drive Method Dual pedal-operation
Max Speed (Fwd / Rev) 9km/h / 6km/h
Seat Type Comfort
Hour Meter Type Digital
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 194 x 88 x 113cm
Wheelbase 89cm
Ground Clearance 85mm
Weight (exc deck) 225kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £3,799.00*

*Price excludes the supply of a cutting deck or accessories which are available to buy as optional extras to suit individual requirements.


The Husqvarna R 216TAWD with its four-wheel-drive, powerful V-Twin engine and superior manoeuvrability doesn’t merely produce great cutting results, handle all types of terrain or navigate obstacles with ease, it is also an extremely competent and versatile all-year-round use ride-on lawn tractor that can do so very much more with the addition of a variety of labour-saving attachments. The comprehensive range of powered and non-powered custom front mount or towed attachments available enable all-year-round use, providing a maximum return on your investment.

The powerful front LED lights provide safer operation when using the mower in the early morning, late evening or in limited light.

The front-mounted cutting deck position provides users with excellent visibility when mowing and optimum accessibility for both cleaning and maintaining. The low centre of gravity of the R216T provides extra traction, stability and safety on all terrain types, especially on slopes.

Easy-access, intuitive controls have been ergonomically designed and positioned for optimum user convenience and to enhance operating comfort and control.

The R 216T AWD is packed with an abundance of other performance and user enhancing features including a transparent fuel tank with an external fuel cap for easy fuelling, a comfortable driving position, easy-access service points, four large wheels, engine positioned behind the driver and even a convenient storage compartment too.

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