Husqvarna R112iC Battery Powered Outfront Rider

The Husqvarna R112iC is a new battery powered ride-on mower that delivers the performance and comfort you need, with the additional benefits of battery technology. The included mulching deck ensures that the lawn is left in superb condition.

On a single charge, the lithium-ion battery on the R 112iC has the capacity to cut up to 3000 square meters. This compact rider is easy to manoeuvre around small and confined areas, aided by articulated steering. 

The benefits of a battery powered rider include reduced noise, lower maintenance, zero emissions and lower running costs. All this from a lawn mower made with Husqvarna's high engineering standards. 

**Supplied complete with 85cm Combi cutting deck as standard.  

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MPN 967848201
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 52V
Transmission Electric Drive
Max Speed Fwd/Rev 9 km/h
Deck Size 85cm
Cutting Height 25-75mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £3950.00 (c/w 85cm Combi deck)

Several decades of expertise in the field have brought us to the point where we now have an excellent mulching mower powered by one lithium-ion battery. Husqvarna's battery technology is transforming the forest and garden market, and of course it retains the superb cutting quality and user comfort of its predecessors.

Tailored performance

Switching between normal and savE™ mode gives you control over power and runtime. This means that the mower can be optimised based on different lawn conditions and efficiency requirements.

Battery benefits

Compared to a traditional fuelled rider, the R112iC needs less maintenance. With no fuel, oil and peripheral engine parts, a mower with an electric motor is more efficient with less servicing requirements.


The absence of a fuelled engine removes all running emissions and lowers the overall noise of the mower. Care for your lawn without harming the environment.

Bioclip mulch cutting

Husqvarna's Bioclip® cutting deck delivers a superb result. Grass is cut into fine pieces that goes directly back into the lawn and enriches the soil, leaving a nourished and healthy garden. Instead of ejecting or collecting a large amount of grass clippings, mulch mowers are much more efficient.

Superb traction

Articulated steering improves manoeuvrability, especially in hard to reach places. A pivoting rear axle achieves maximum traction in different conditions such as moderate slopes and uneven terrain and surface growth. The rear wheel drive system ensures optimum traction. 

Ride in comfort

Easy access controls from a seated position include automatic blade engagement when you lower the cutting deck. The four large wheels bring an increased ride quality and easier mounting. There's even a bittle holder to keep your levels up!

**Supplied complete with 85cm Combi cutting deck as standard.