Husqvarna R 112iC Battery Rider c/w 85cm deck

The Husqvarna R 112iC is a highly compact battery powered ride-on mower designed for use on domestic, confined and smaller lawn areas - the efficient electric motor and Li-ion battery cut up to 3000m2 per charge.

It features a Power Boost feature which automatically sets the optimal output to ensure great cutting results in all conditions and delivers all the comfort and performance you would expect from a Husqvarna rider, without engine noise.

The R112iC has intuitive, easy-access controls, articulated steering and a pivoting body which enables smooth, tight turns and the ability to navigate obstacles and negotiate flowerbeds etc with ease.

The Rider Battery requires less maintenance compared to petrol counterparts, produces less noise, zero emissions, has lower running costs and is more environmentally friendly. It is ideally suited for use in noise sensitive areas too.

The 85cm BioClip® (two blade) cutting deck provides excellent cutting results as well natural lawn fertilisation. Alternatively the rear ejection cutting option is ideal for efficient mowing on areas with higher and rougher grass. It is also easy to clean and maintain thanks to the cutting deck’s service position.

R 112iC - Husqvarna Li-ion battery powered. 52V. 85cm Deck.

A comprehensive range of custom all-year-round labour-saving attachments are also available for use with the R112iC.

The R112iC is supplied complete with a 85cm cutting deck, charger and built-in battery as standard.

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£4,629.60 £3,858.00
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RRP from £5,869.20 Inc. VAT


MPN 967848201
Power/Fuel Type Li-ion Battery
Battery Charge Cycles 800*
Engine Size/Power 52V
Transmission Hydrostatic
Deck Size 85cm
Cutting Height 25-75mm
Cutting Height Steps 7
Uncut Circle 65cm
Drive Method Dual pedal-operation
Max Speed (Fwd / Rev) 9km/h / 4km/h
Seat Type Foldable
Blade Engagement Electric
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 212 x 88 x 107cm
Wheelbase 80cm
Ground Clearance 90mm
Weight (exc deck) 161kg
Price (Exc. VAT) £3,858.00 (inc 85cm deck)

*800 charge cycles would roughly equate to 15 years if charged once a week.

The Husqvarna R112iC is an easy to use ride-on mower, with low operating noise, zero emissions, excellent manoeuvrability and an uncut circle of just 65cm.

It features a pedal-operated electrically powered transmission, automatic blade engagement, a pivoting rear axle, articulated steering, an efficient rear-wheel drive system, a comfortable driver’s position, easy-access controls, single-lever cutting height adjustment as well as a convenient bottle holder and Bluetooth connectivity. It also features a power-conserving savETM mode which automatically sets the optimal output to ensure great cutting results in all conditions.

Its compact size, pivoting rear axle, articulated steering and agile, responsive handling make it ideal for maintaining smaller domestic lawns, complicated and confined areas of grass thanks, as well as use in noise sensitive areas.