Husqvarna QC500 Charger

The Husqvarna QC500 is a compact, desktop high-speed charger (500W) which is optimised for the fast charging of all Husqvarna BLi and B Series Li-ion batteries (BLi10-950X and B70-140).

It is designed for domestic, part-time and intensive professional use alike, charging batteries up to 50% faster than the QC330.

The fast charging capabilities of the QC500 makes it ideal for charging higher capacity BLi batteries (like the BLi300 and BLi950X), or simply by those who seek to minimise downtime and increase their efficiency and productivity levels.

The QC500 features active battery cooling for extended battery life together with a helpful LED charge indicator.

QC500 - 500W. Recommended for use with Husqvarna BLi10-950X Series and B70-140 batteries. 1.5kg.

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MPN 970449502
Charging Power 500W
Recommended Batteries BLi10-950X, B70-140
Weight 1.5kg
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