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Husqvarna Prime PP70 High Frequency Power Pack

Husqvarna Prime PP492 High Frequency Power Pack

The Husqvarna PP492 PRIME high frequency power pack enables you to power a number of products in Husqvarna's PRIME range of cutters and saws.

The PP 492 has a power output of 20kw at up to 480v. This connects to 25kva generators with 3-phase power.



Model PRIME PP492
MPN 970455901
Rated current (1 phase) 16/25
Rated current (3 phase) 32A
Power Output 20kw
Voltage 380-480 V
Dimensions (L-W-H)
Weight 25kg
Compatible with K7000, K7000 RING, K7000 CHAIN, DM700, CS10, WS482
Required Generator (min) 25kva

The Husqvarna PRIME PP492 powers a range of high frequency Husqvarna machines with fast and accurate adjustment for each operating condition. Click here to learn more about Husqvarna PRIME.

Flexible and efficient

The PP 492 can be used on different high frequency machines so you often wouldn't need multiple power packs on site for complex jobs.

Compatible with the PRIME product range

Compatibility spans cutters, saws and drill motors; namely the K7000, K7000 Ring, K7000 Chain, WS482 and DM700. Useful for applications such as creating door openings.

Minimum slurry, maximum power

Water flows at a minimum 3.5 litres per minute, at 7 bar water pressure. An automatic valve controls the slurry levels.

Wireless Control

An industrial remote control allows power adjustments at the point of application rather than having to return to the power source.