Husqvarna Piranha PCD Diamond Grinding Block (3pcs)

The Husqvarna Piranha PCD diamond grinding block features diamond scraper inserts for aggressive removal of stubborn coatings, adhesives and screeds. As with other Husqvarna grinding blocks, they use the RediLock system which allows the blocks to slot into the plate on the machine without the need for tools. Sold in packs of 3.

The G11X1 and G11Y1 blocks are classed in the gold category, which is the same class as the Elite-Grind series. These consumables are designed for intense professional use, providing maximum speed and wear resistance in heavy grinding applications.

(pictured: double plate)

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Style G11X1S G11X1D G11Y1D
MPN 543-32-73-01 543-32-73-02 543-32-73-03
Configuration Single Piranha Plate Double Piranha Plate Double Piranha Plate
Rotation Anti-Clockwise Anti-Clockwise Clockwise
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Aggressive removal

The Piranha is adept at scraping away the most stubborn layer of coating, including adhesives, paint and epoxy. 

High flexibility

Both single and double quarter-round PCD with protective diamond strip are available, allowing you to adapt your choice of tool to the application and machine. Double PCD segments are available for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. 

Maximum wear and productivity

Piranha™ diamond scraper inserts deliver optimum performance, graded as Gold (Elite). 

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