Husqvarna PG530 Floor Grinder/Polisher -400V Electric

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The PG530 is a robust, industrial strength, high performance triple-headed floor grinder/polisher designed for a wide variety of wet and dry surface grinding/polishing applications on large-sized areas of concrete, light commercial use etc.

The PG530 is hugely versatile and ideal for removing adhesives, coatings, screed, concrete surface repair (and flattening), polishing natural stone, terrazzo and perfect for HiPERFLOOR concrete floor polishing system.

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MPN 965195812
Motor 400V
Power Supply 16 Amp
Power 4.75kW
Grinding Width 530mm
Grinding Discs 3 x 240mm
Weight 216kg

Product Information

The triple-headed PG530 grinder has been designed to provide more downward pressure and power to the grinding heads, making it more stable in operation over undulating surfaces.

The PG530 is easy to use, control and manoeuvre, has forward/reverse operation with variable spped control, a gear-driven planetary head (with a premium quality belt for powering the grinding heads), and comparatively low tool and maintenance costs per square metre.

The PG530 is suitable for use with the Husqvarna DC5500 vacuum unit/dust collector.

A wide and comprehensive range of accessories, consumables, grinding discs and polishing pads to suit a wide variety of surfaces are available for the PG530 upon request.