Husqvarna P 535HX Front Mower - Hybrid

The Husqvarna P 535HX is a powerful Hybrid commercial front mower which is ideal for keeping larger lawns and outdoor spaces looking pristine, whilst working efficiently to save valuable operator’s time.

Two electric motors power the wheel drive axles, while the PTO (Power-Take-Off) and electric generator are powered by a 1123cm3 3-cylinder Kubota D1105 diesel engine.

The P 535HX can be equipped with a choice of 3 high-capacity decks, a choice of a 132 or 155cm Combi cutting deck with mulch and rear discharge capability or a R180 180cm rear discharge deck designed for the efficient mowing of large areas and dense areas of long grass.

The incorporation of dual-energy sources combined with high-efficiency in the Hybrid system enables extreme power for the P 535HX yet maintained in a compact and agile format. The power train also reduces the vehicle’s overall fuel consumption, CO2 footprint and operational cost.

A comprehensive range of Husqvarna custom all-year-round powered and non-powered labour-saving accessories are available as optional extras.

P 535HX - Hybrid Lion Battery/Kubota D1105 diesel (1123cm3/17.8kW). 132, 155 or 180cm Deck. Weight 790kg (exc deck).

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MPN 967985503
Power/Fuel Type Hybrid Li-ion Battery/Diesel
Engine Kubota D1105
Engine Power 1123cm³/17.8kW
Cylinders 3
Engine Type Diesel
Engine Cooling Liquid
Engine Lubrication Type Pressire with oil filter
Transmission Electric AWD
Deck Size 132, 155 or 180cm
Cutting Height 30-112mm
Uncut Circle 58cm
Drive Method Dual pedal-operation
PTO (Power Take Off) Shaft-driven
Blade Engagement Electric clutch
Max Speed (Fwd / Rev) 13km/h / 9km/h
Seat Type Professional
Hour Meter Type Digital
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 209 x 116 x 134cm
Wheelbase 106cm
Ground Clearance 134mm
Weight (exc deck) 790kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £26,166.00*

*Price excludes the supply of a cutting deck or accessories which are available to buy as optional extras to suit individual requirements.

The Husqvarna P 535HX is a highly-manoeuvrable, high-capacity commercial grade outfront ride-on mower which is ideal for maintaining larger lawns and large expanses of grass. It is suitable for domestic, professional and full-time use alike; the ideal choice for professional maintenance, facility management, sports clubs, parks etc. It is also ideally suited for use in noise-sensitive areas too.

Thanks to its 20” extra-wide wheels,  its high-performing AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) system and articulated steering, the P 535HX is easy to manoeuvre even in rough terrain and complex areas.

It is constructed using commercial-grade components throughout for uncompromised durability, maximum uptime and maximum performance.

The ergonomic driver interface of the P 535HX includes modern hi-resolution touch screen graphic displays and easy-access controls to provide a comfortable ride even during extended periods of use. A built-in connectivity module allows easy connection with Husqvarna Fleet Services TM.

The P 535HX is equipped a dual-energy sources, Hybrid Li-ion battery and a with a powerful Kubota D1105 3-cylinder diesel engine with full pressure lubrication, which produces exceptional power and torque with fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It is in addition also HVO100 ready. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (HVO) is a 100% synthetic diesel made from renewable materials. The Hybrid energy storage system uses 4.2kWh Li-ion 52V batteries. Batteries are recharged when the shaft-driven PTO is engaged.

The mower has a strong, heavy-duty square tube steel ladder frame (4-10mm) with an open design for excellent serviceability.  The completer rear wagon is in one-piece ductile cast iron for improved durability. It is also equipped with a commercial grade transmission with high-specified variable piston pumps with separate gearboxes for the front and rear axle.

The P 535HX has a unique articulated steering concept creates a dynamic weight transfer on the front wheels which maximises traction in all conditions. Its electric All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) propulsion system is electronically controlled via integrated sensors which ensure optimised traction. The drive wheels individually and automatically set the correct speed in all situations. The steering concept in combination with AWD and a low centre of gravity provides excellent handling on slopes.

The front mounted position of the cutting deck also provides users with excellent visibility, enabling precise, close-up trimming. It is suitable for use with a choice of 132 or 155cm Husqvarna X-Series decks (with mulching and rear ejection capabilities) with hydraulic height adjustment, adjustable from the operator’s seat, or can alternatively be used with a R180 180cm deck designed for mowing large areas and long dense grass.

The deck themselves are stamped from a single piece of steel plate in a flow-optimised design to deliver the best-in-class mulch result. The low-profile front-mounted cutting deck position also gives unbeatable accessibility under fences, bushes, under obstacles like garden furniture, benches etc. the off-set deck design permits easy handling of corners and close-up trimming against walls and fences. For easy maintenance and extended product lifetime mandrels are greaseable. The service position facilitates easy cleaning and servicing of decks as required.

The P 535HX is additionally equipped with a wealth of other design, user and performance enhancing features which include an adjustable steering wheel, dual LED lights, a unique quick coupling which allows attachments to be changed quickly and efficiently without tools, hydraulic attachment control, a Grammer full suspension comfort seat, electric fuel gauge, a tool carrier in electric mode, four large 20” wheels for optimal ride comfort and less risk of damage of delicate surfaces, a parking brake with electric engagement, ROPS (Roll-Over-Protective-Structure) and seat belts certified to 5 international standards (including OSHA and SAE requirements).

A comprehensive range of custom Husqvarna all-year-round use powered and non-powered labour-saving attachments are also as optional extras for the P 535HX.