Husqvarna LP6505 Hydraulic Duplex Roller - Diesel

The Husqvarna LP6505 is a high performance but relatively lightweight duplex roller for compacting thin layers of granular soil and asphalt. 

The Hatz engine has 7.2kW power with high centrifugal force, whilst its compact profile still makes it easy to negotiate pillars and tight spaces. The LP 6505 is available with manual start or electric start. Choose from the dropdown menu below.

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Model LP6505 LP6505-ES
MPN 967855702 967897403
Ignition Manual Electric
Engine Hatz 1D42S Diesel Hatz 1D42S Diesel
Engine Power 7.2kW 7.2kW
Drum Width 650mm 650mm
Machine Dimensions (LWH) 2500/720/1215mm 2500/720/1215mm
Centrifugal Force 22kN 22kN
Max Travel Speed (Fwd) 3.6km/hr 3.6km/hr
Max Travel Speed (Rev) 3.6km/hr 3.6km/hr
Vibration Level (HAV) 4.1m/s² 4.1m/s²
Weight 745kg 765kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £11,550.00 £12,300.00

Nimble in operation

Hydraulic steering and transmission makes for easier handling. The compact nature of the LP 6505 lends itself well to navigating near pillars, walls and in enclosed spaces.

Work longer and better

The handle is engineered to reduce hand arm vibration (HAV) down to 4.1m/s² and you can easily switch vibration on and off for longer safe working hours.

Longer service life

Reliability is increased thanks to the hydraulic oil cooler that allows the machine to work happily for longer in hot and humid conditions.

Efficient engine

The powerful and efficient Hatz engine provides good fuel efficiency and the oil alert feature delivers an extra level of control.