Husqvarna 14” LFe 60 LAT Plate Compactor - Battery

The Husqvarna LFe 60 LAT is a fast-operating Lithium-Ion battery powered universal 14” plate compactor which is ideal for a wide variety of compaction duties on mid-sized areas of granular soils and asphalt, such as general repair jobs, reinstatement works, new construction etc.

It runs on the same new generation Honda brushless motor and eGX battery platform which is widely being adopted as the preferred power source for a range of other heavy compaction equipment and light construction machinery products already available on the market and currently in development.

The machine is easy to handle with low noise, ultra-low operator vibration exposure levels, is almost maintenance-free and has low running costs. As it produces zero CO² emissions, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, as well as use in confined, poorly ventilated and noise sensitive areas.

The LFe60LAT is supplied with a water kit and transport wheel kit as standard.

It features a specially designed baseplate which is easy to clean and is especially suited to asphalt work.

Like all Husqvarna plate compactors the LFe 60 LAT features an exclusive, patented low-vibration vibration handle which lowers its vibration level below 2m/sec², allowing you to work for hours without becoming fatigued or exceeding any regulatory threshold limit values.

LFe60LAT (Honda Battery) - (2.41Hp/1.8kW). 350mm wide. 10.4kN centrifugal force. 23m/min travel speed. 88kg.

The LFe60LAT can be purchased as a package (consisting of LFe60LAT, 1 x Honda EGX battery and 1 x EGX charger) or in component parts to suit individual needs.

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  LFe 60LAT
MPN 970 51 69-01
Motor Honda eGX
Nett Power 2.41Hp / 1.8kW
Plate Size 350 x 545mm (W x L)
Dimensions 986 x 350 x 968mm (L x W x H)
Frequency 95Hz
Centrifugal Force 10.4kN
Travel Speed 23m/min
Vibration Level - left front handle 1.53m/sec²
Vibration Level - right front handle 1.53m/sec²
Weight 88kg
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The LFe60LAT has amazingly low Hand Arm Vibration levels thanks to its pioneering, patented and exclusive low-vibration handle. It essentially contains a handle within a handle (reduced vibration handle set within the main standard handle), which can quickly and easily be engaged (simply click in, click out design) and used to greatly enhance operator comfort levels and significantly extend its safe use working hours. Better still, the low-vibration handle of the Husqvarna LFe60LAT also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The same innovative handle can also be folded to save space when transporting and storing.

As the LFe60LAT is battery-powered it is less noisy than a traditional combustion engine powered machine. As it also does not exhaust fumes, it can be safely used in confined, poorly ventilated and noise sensitive areas, both indoors and outdoors. The LFe60LAT is heavier than its direct petrol counterpart (the LF60LAT), which ensures even greater compaction performance and results.

It is also incredibly easy to use - quite literally at the push of a button, with no fuel tank to refill whilst you work or fuel to carry and store. Operating and maintenance costs are also significantly reduced compared to those of petrol or diesel powered alternatives.

The LFe60LAT is supplied with a large corrosion-free water tank and smart water distribution system which enables longer periods of use with less frequent stops to refill. This watering system prevents the baseplate from sticking to hot asphalt and uses only a minimum of water thanks to its easily adjustable water flow. The tank itself is easy, quick and simple to remove and features an oversized cap, which makes it easier, faster and more convenient to fill too.

The optional, easy to attach blocking paving kit protects paving blocks from scratches and cracking, by providing a cushioned layer between the bottom surface of the plate and the laid block surface.

The lifting eye and folding handle make transporting the LFe60LAT easy.