Husqvarna LC 551iV 51cm Lawn Mower - Battery

The Husqvarna LC 551iV is a high-capacity fully self-propelled battery-powered pedestrian lawn mower designed for professional users who need a quiet, reliable mower with low running costs and easy maintenance.

It is equipped with cutting-edge battery technology and performance needed by professional users to efficiently maintain medium to large lawns on a commercial basis.

It features a robust 51cm wide aluminium cutting deck for increased productivity, rear-wheel drive, dual battery slots with automatic switchover for increased efficiency and is also backpack battery compatible too. Other features include an ergonomic folding and adjustable handle, intuitive keypad easy start and digital variable speed control, easy cutting height adjustment, PowerBoost to provide extra power when needed, keypad with savE™ power-conservation mode, lifting points to the front and rear, together with a generous 65 litre canvas collector and Bluetooth capability for product data monitoring.

It is transport, store and has rear ejection, collection and BioClip® mulch capabilities.

LC551iV - 36V Li-ion. Cutting width 51cm. Cutting height 26-74mm. 39.5kg*.

Designed for use with Husqvarna B and BLi 36V battery systems (B140 standard and BLi200-950X Pro-Grade Li-ion batteries), which are suitable for use with a wide variety of other Husqvarna Construction, Forest & Garden products for maximum versatility and utilisation.

Pick your battery and charger that best suits your individual budget, desired runtimes and longevity.

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MPN 9706260-01
Power 36V Li-ion
Battery included? No
Charger included? No
Cutting Width 51cm
Cutting Height (max) 74mm
Cutting Height (min) 26mm
Cutting Method Collection/BioClip® mulch/rear eject
Drive System Variable-speed Self-propelled
Collector Volume 65 litres
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,005.00
*Weight excludes battery.

The Husqvarna LC551iV is equipped with an ergonomic folding and adjustable handle, with convenient lifting points to the front and rear.

It has intuitive keypad operation and digital variable speed control, together with central cutting height adjustment for added convenience and dual-battery slots with automatic switchover which permit more efficient mowing without the need to stop and swap over depleted batteries.

The incorporated PowerBoost and savE™ power-conservation mode combine to provide optimised cutting performance.

The LC551iV is extremely easy to start and operate with a variable speed control that gives you more control when cutting complex areas. It has a robust aluminium cutting deck with a heavy-duty commercial powerhead and is built using high level components for a long and dependable service. It also has side protection bumpers and IPX4 weatherproof classification.

The same range of Husqvarna B and BLi 36V lithium ion batteries used to power the LC551iVX are also fully compatible with a wide variety of Husqvarna Construction, Forest and Garden products. Enjoy the freedom to work without trailing cables, hazardous fumes or engine to fuel, service and maintain – just quiet, comfortable and dependable performance at the simple press of a button.

The LC551iV is equipped with an easily removeable 65 litre capacity canvas collector for easy emptying. It can also be used without the collector for direct rear ejection or with the optional Bioclip® mulch kit, which dispenses fine grass clippings onto the soil, fertilising and fortifying the lawn in the process.