Husqvarna LC551SP Pedestrian Mower -Petrol

Husqvarna LC551SP Pedestrian Mower -Petrol

Husqvarna LC551VBP Pedestrian Mower - Petrol

Husqvarna LC551VBP Pedestrian Mower - Petrol

Husqvarna LB548i Pedestrian Mower - Li-Ion Battery

The Husqvarna LB548i is a battery powered mulching lawn mower for professional use. Dual battery slots mean you can operate for longer without having to stop to recharge or swap batteries.

The LB548i is the most powerful of Husqvarna's battery powered pedestrian mulching mowers and is ideally suited to full-time use.

If you already have a compatible battery and charger you can choose the Machine Only option. We recommend the KIT option if you are new to Husqvarna mowers, which includes the BLi300 battery and QC500 charger. You can also choose a battery and charger combination on the dropdown menus, subject to availability.

As it is a battery powered mower, the LB LB548i is compatible with the same range of Husqvarna batteries that you might already be using with your Husqvarna trimmer or chainsaw.

£822.00 £685.00
In stock
RRP from £949.20 Inc. VAT
Optional Extras


Model LB 548i Machine Only LB 548i KIT KIT
Battery 36V Li Ion not included BLi300 + QC500 battery
Drive Push
Cutting Method Mulch (kit included)
Cutting Width 48cm
Cutting Height 30-60mm
Weight 31kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £685.00 £975.00
Please note this price does not include a battery or charger. If you don't already have a Husqvarna BLi battery and charger, please use the dropdown options.

More power

The LB548i features Husqvarna's Power Boost facility. This automatically increases the blade speed to cater for tough conditions, returning to a more economical power distribution for less dense areas. SavE™ mode can further extend the running time.

Pro components 

The aluminium cutting deck is strong but lightweight, and the machinery is built to last. A side bumper provides extra protection when mowing near walls and other objects.


IPX4 rain proofing means you can use the LB548i in wet conditions without impairing the health or life of the battery or motor. 

Double Battery Slots

The double battery slot gives you the option to have two batteries installed, doubling the running time. Husqvarna recommend the BLi300 battery and QC500 charger, which are compatible with other machines in the range. Choose the KIT option for the lawn mower complete with the battery and charger above, pus you can use the dropdown options to buy extra peripherals.