Husqvarna KV Disc Cutter Trolley

The Husqvarna KV trolley has been specifically designed for use with selected Husqvarna handheld petrol powered disc cutters.

The trolley is designed for enable users to cut in a straight or curved line in floors, pavements, yards, roads and other similar flat surfaces, saving the operator from having to uncomfortably bend over for long periods of time.

Two different models of KV trolley available, the Husqvarna KV7 is designed for use for the Husqvarna K760 and K770 disc cutters, and the Husqvarna KV9/12 designed for use with the Husqvarna K960, K970 and K1260 disc cutters (please note that a different model of KV9/12 trolley is required for the K970 II and the K1270 II).

Each trolley has quick connections that make it quick and easy to mount the cutter, as well as easy cutting depth adjustment.

The KV trolley has a space-saving compact design and are easy to fold up, transport and store too.

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  KV7 KV9/12 KV9/12 MKII
MPN 5877684-01 5877684-02 5996098-01
Compatible With K760, K760 OG, K770, K770 OG K960, K970, K1260 K970 II, K1270 II
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Easy setting of cutting depth
Facilitates adjustments and returning to the previous setting.

Quick and easy installation
Thanks to the quick connection disc cutters can be easily mounted and removed.

Track control
Easy to cut in straight or curved lines, close to walls and curbs, thanks to the laterally adjustable wheels.

Easy transportation
The cutting trolley is easy to fold to facilitate transport and storage.