Husqvarna K760 OilGuard Petrol Disc Cutter -12" K760 OG (c/w blade)

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The K760 OilGuard uses specially coloured OilGuard oil that indicates if the incorrect amount of the correct type of oil is present in the fuel mixture.

This 12" K760 Oilguard comes a genuine 12" Husqvarna Tacti-Cut S50 diamond blade with an RRP of £35.00 +VAT. The maximum blade diameter is 300mm and the maximum cutting depth for this size is 100mm.

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£570.00 £475.00
RRP £990.00
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£570.00 £475.00
RRP £990.00

Product Information

There are several different options for Husqvarna's Oilguard disc cutter, but this model has the following attributes:

Engine: Air-cooled 2-stroke
Displacement: 74cc
Power: 3.7kW
Maximum Blade Capacity: 300mm
Maximum Cutting Depth: 100mm
Weight: 9.3kg