Husqvarna K535i Battery Powered Disc Cutter

Husqvarna K535i Battery Powered Disc Cutter

Husqvarna K535i 9" Battery Powered Disc Cutter Package

The Husqvarna K535i battery powered disc cutter is now available in a combo package, giving you even more value for money!

Red Band are offering the K535i cutter plus two BLi200 batteries, a QC330 charger, a Tacti-Cut S35 BAT blade and a wooden carriage box for the unbeatable introductory price of just £799.00. This is everything you need to start cutting roof tiles, floor tiles, concrete paving and natural stone.

The K535i is Husqvarna's first battery powered cutter, which brings all the benefits of battery technology such as low noise, zero emissions and lower running costs than the petrol equivalent. The 9" blade makes it suitable for small to medium sized projects, bringing extra portability and efficiency. Husqvarna's quoted usage time using the BLi200 battery is 85 cuts of roof tiles and 20 cuts of paving slabs. See our battery and charger guide for charging times, running times and compatibility.

£958.80 £799.00
RRP from £1,344.00 Inc. VAT


K535 i bundle
Voltage 36V
Weight (shell only) 3.5kg
Blade capacity 230mm
Cutting depth 76mm
Cutting method Wet and dry
Sound at ear level 98.5 dB
Vibrations, F/R handles 2.1/2.5 m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £799.00
Using the recommended BLi200 battery, Husqvarna's guideline cutting performance on one charge is as follows: ROOF TILES - 85pcs. PAVING SLABS - 20pcs

The Husqvarna K535i battery cutter bundle consists of the following items:

Battery powered cutter

The K535i is a breakthrough in battery technology, bringing portability, value and efficiency to the world of handheld saws

Optimised diamond blade

The genuine 9" (230mm) Husqvarna Tacti-Cut S35 BAT is optimised for battery powered cutters, with reconfigured diamond segments to compensate for lower spinning speeds. Make a saving by getting this special blade as part of the package

Husqvarna batteries

This is shipped with 2 x genuine Husqvarna BLi200 lithium-Ion batteries which can power other machines such as battery chainsaws and trimmers

Husqvarna quick charger

The QC330 can charge any Husqvarna BLi batteries and uses the latest technology to do so quickly and efficiently.

Wooden storage box

The most portable disc cutter becomes even more portable with this metal-trimmed wooden flight-style case made by Husqvarna. Inside the case is a strap to keep the machinesafely in place, plus there's ample space for the batteries and charger.