Husqvarna HK4 Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The Husqvarna HK4 hedge trimmer attachment is designed for use with the Husqvarna 120iTK4 (and 120iTK4-P) battery-powered telescopic pole combi tool.

This split-shaft hedge trimming attachment can be fitted and interchanged in seconds, effortlessly and without tools, thanks to its split-shaft design.

Its 50cm blade length combined with extended working reach of up to 4m (when connected to the 120iTK4 body makes it ideal for cutting the sides and top of hedges from the safety of terra firma, often without the need to ascend ladders. Its capabilities are further aided by its 7 adjustable cutting positions.

It produces 2800 cuts/min and has teeth opening of 20mm.

HK4 - Knife length 50cm. 2800 cuts/min. Designed for use with Husqvarna 120iTK4 and 120iTK4-P.

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MPN 5293519-02
Designed for use with 120iTK4 and 120iTK-P
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