Husqvarna HiperClean Dry Diamond Maintenance Pads

Husqvarna HiperClean polishing pads are for the dry burnishing of concrete polished floors using Husqvarna planetary floor grinders. This is after the grinding, polishing and chemical finishing process.

Use the dropdown menus to choose which diameter of pad you need, depending on which floor grinder/polisher you have. The second menu is for the size of grit mesh.


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Compatible Machine(s) PG450, PG510 PG450, PG510 PG450, PG510 PG450, PG510
MPN 501764007 501764001 501764002 501764003
Grit Size 400 800 1500 3000
Diameter 180mm 180mm 180mm 180mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £25.50 £25.50 £25.50 £25.50
Compatible Machine(s) PG530PG680 PG530PG680 PG530PG680 PG530PG680
MPN 501764008 501764004 501764005 501764006
Grit Size 400 800 1500 3000
Diameter 230mm 230mm 230mm 230mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £28.10 £28.10 £28.10 £28.10
Compatible Machine(s) PG820 PG820 PG820 PG820
MPN 501764009 501764010 501764011 501764012
Grit Size 200 400 800 1500
Diameter 270mm 270mm 270mm 270mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £31.80 £31.80 £31.80 £31.80 

Hiperclean Dry Pads are known as maintenance pads, which are for cleaning already polished floors. This would be after the grinding, chemical treatment, polishing and finishing treatment stages associated with Husqvarna's Hiperclean process.

180mm/7" pads are for the PG450 and PG510.

230mm/9" pads are for the PG530 and PG680

270mm/10" pads are for the PG820.