Husqvarna Forest & Garden

Husqvarna Battery Powered Garden Tools

Husqvarna is renowned for designing and producing high quality Forest and Garden products, and the ever-diversifying range includes chainsaws, lawn mowers, trimmers and blowers.

Husqvarna Battery Products

The latest innovations to come from Husqvarna have been in battery technology. Garden products are particularly attuned to the environmental benefits of battery powered products, both in terms of the lack of emissions and lower noise levels. Husqvarna's battery powered trimmers, chainsaws and mowers enable landscapers to maximise their economical efficiency whilst not sacrificing performance or convenience.

More and more forest and garden professionals are making the switch from traditional fuelled machines because of safety, economy and convenience. Whilst battery garden tools used to involve sacrificing power and performance, today's lithium-ion products from Husqvarna are comparable to their traditional counterparts. Husqvarna BLi batteries can be used in multiple machines and tools, which adds to the convenience when a gardening professional can be using one battery in one machine whilst charging another.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Arborists and landscaping professionals know Husqvarna as a leading brand for chainsaws, with a reputation for consistently high levels of performance and efficiency. Husqvarna's petrol and battery chainsaws are amongst the most efficient on the market, both in terms of weight distribution and power output. Specialist machines include top-handled chainsaws for professional arborists, pole saws for long/high reach, and heavy duty saws with 28" bars.

Husqvarna Ride-on Mowers

Professional ride-on mowers from Husqvarna have been consistently highly rated for the domestic and commercial markets. Innovations such as AWD (all-wheel-drive) and Zero-Turn have increased performance and meant there's an ideal Husqvarna mower for any application. Uneven ground, slopes, pathways and obstacles are no match for a Husqvarna rider.

Husqvarna Pedestrian Mowers

A range of domestic and full-time walk-behind mowers from Husqvarna include features such as self-propelled drive, mulching and a choice of petrol engine or battery motor. 

Automower® from Husqvarna

Automower is the number one robotic mower series on the market, with several innovations pushing technological boundaries over the years. All Wheel Drive (AWD) technology has been adapted for use in the robotic mower, meaning that slopes and uneven ground are no match for Automower®. Even the conventional method of lawn area mapping has been turned on its head recently thanks to EPOS. Husqvarna's Exact Positioning Operating System uses multiple satellites instead of boundary wires.

Husqvarna Trimmers

Husqvarna's range of hedge trimmers, grass trimmers and brushcutters have become well-known for their performance and economy. Powered by petrol or increasingly by lithium-ion battery, a Husqvarna trimmer is designed with user comfort, economy and performance in mind.