Husqvarna EPOS™️ Automower® Reference Station

The Husqvarna EPOSTM Reference Station is designed to facilitate wire-free Automower® installation by creating virtual boundaries when used in combination with compatible robotic mowers (Husqvarna 550 EPOSTM and Husqvarna NERA mowers fitted with a EPOSTM Plug-In in combination with the Husqvarna Automower® Connect App).

This mains-powered reference station transmits RTK-GNSS signals between Automower® and guidance satellites.

It has a range of 500m radius and the capability to serve multiple mowers per installation.

When used with NERA Automower® models (320 NERA, 430X NERA and 450X NERA) a separate and additional EPOSTM Plug-In is required to be fitted to each mower the reference station serves. The 550 EPOSTM Automower® does not require a Plug-In to communicate with the reference station.

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Wireless operation

Husqvarna's Exact Positioning Operating System (EPOSTM) uses satellite technology instead of wires to map out the area of operation.

Satnav - but better

The EPOSTM reference station receives Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite data including GPS and GLONASS, transmitting this to the compatible Husqvarna EPOSTM Automower®. The result is pinpoint accuracy down to an astonishing 2cm. 

Multiple connectivity

One EPOSTM reference station can serve multiple EPOSTM units in a single installation up to 500m away. This makes it great for complex installations and further increases the efficiency of robotic mowing when compared to traditional manned machines.