Husqvarna Elite Guide Bar - 18" (Masonry Chainsaws)

The Husqvarna Elite-Guide bar is a new innovation that focuses on cutting depth rather than bar length.

Suitable for the Husqvarna K970 CHAIN masonry chainsaw, it is designed to be used with the new Elite-Chain and Vari-Chain series of diamond chains.

This new guide bar delivers a cutting depth of 450mm, which exceeds the previous models by at least 15mm. Every aspect of the chain is engineered for quality, wiith superior durability, cutting speed and longer service intervals.

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Please note, models of K970 Chain with serial number of 201601000001 or lower, and K960 Chain and K950 Chain will require the following additional parts to enable fitting of the newer 18" bar and chains:

587 26 99-01 - SPLINEWAY

588 67 97-01 - GEAR WHEEL KIT

The following applies with regards to the new style peripherals:

  • Husqvarna guide bar and chain fits ICS chain power cutters
  • ICS guide bar and chain fits Husqvarna chain power cutters
  • Husqvarna Chain does not fit today's 16" guide bar (ICS F4) - risk of wearing rim socket
  • Pro45 Chain (ICS F4) does not fit Husqvarna 18" guide bar - risk of wearing rim out before chain

Please note this page is for the guide bar only. The machine and chains are sold separately.