Norton Clipper RD12 Tile Blade | Ceramics | Red Band UK

Clipper RD12 Diamond Blade - 250mm (only)

Husqvarna Elite Cut S35 Diamond Blade | Red Band UK

Husqvarna Elite Cut S35 Diamond Blade - 300-450mm

Husqvarna Elite Cut S25 Diamond Blade - 300-400mm

The Elite Cut S25 is ideally suited for use on hard natural materials such as granite or marble but is also at home cutting a wide array of materials such as hard / ceramic tiles, cured / reinforced / soft abrasive concrete, bricks and roof tiles.

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The Husqvarna Elite Cut S25 is a brand new blade from its Gold range.

These blades are designed for intensive professional use in specialist situations, delivering maximum speed with heavy wear resistance.

To see which Husqvarna diamond blades are right for you, use our Husqvarna Diamond Blade Guide

Bore Sizes - 300mm Dia : 20mm and 350 / 400mm Dia : 20/25.4m

Can be used to cut sandstone and limestone.