Husqvarna Elite Cut GS50S Diamond Blade - 300-400mm

The Husqvarna Elite Cut GS50 is a noise-reduced diamond blade, designed to be used with the Husqvarna TS350 and TS400 masonry saws.

The GS50 is a superb choice for cutting concrete and brick, and as with other Elite Cut blades, it performs exceptionally.

All sizes come with a 25.4mm bore, suited to masonry saws.

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Elite Cut represents the gold standard of Husqvarna's diamond blades, with the highest frequency of diamond segments. This makes it suitable for bigger projects as it will last longer and cuts at high speed. Elite Cut GS blades have a special steel core that reduces noise by 50% compared to regular blades.

The life of the blade can be maximised by using a water feed for a wet cut.

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