Husqvarna DMS430 Core Drill Motor with Stand - 110V

The Husqvarna DMS 430 is a powerful and sturdy electric core drill motor and stand suitable for a wide variety of medium to heavy diamond core drilling jobs from 100 to 450mm diameter and more demanding applications where reliability, performance and productivity are deemed to be key.

The DMS430 consists of two main component parts, the powerful 3-speed (3200W) DM 430 electric motor (14.2kgs) and the high performance DS 500 drill stand (17.6kgs). Connecting the DM430 to the DS500 is quick and easy, aiding both setup and transportation.

The DS500 is simple and easy to tilt into position, which is particularly beneficial when angle drilling. The DM430 motor has an 1¼” UNC male fitting.

The DMS430 is available in 110V 1phase only.

DMS430 (110V 1ph) - (3.2kW). Core range: 100-450mm. 3-speed motor - 250/510/800rpm (unloaded).

Minimum 3kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent transformer. See our transformer guide for more info.

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  DMS430 110V
MPN 970526601
Voltage 110V Electric
Fuse 32A (1-phase)
Minimum Transformer 3kVA Continuous or 5kVA Intermittent*
Motor Power 3.2kW
Core Range 100-350mm (up to 450mm with 50mm spacer)
Connection 1 ¼" UNC
Spindle Speeds (Unloaded) 250/510/800rpm
Maximum Column Travel 706mm
Column Height 1050mm
Weight 32kg
Sound Pressure 92dB
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2,875.00

*See our transformer guide for more information.

The DMS 430 is a highly versatile diamond drilling system which is ideally suited for medium to heavy-duty, more demanding applications and those who need to produce large diameter cores (up to 450mm diameter).

This robust, high performance drilling system is easy to use and setup, with optimised RPM’s which enables high drilling performance. LED indicators on the drill motor shows the load of the machine, allowing the operator to always drill at maximum pressure, for best performance and the highest productivity levels. The quick-release coupling for the drill motor and easy adjustment of the back support angle allow for easy setup and angle drilling alike. It is suitable for vertical, horizontal and angle drilling applications.

The strong and robust DS500 drill stand column is suitable for professional use. It features a two-speed carriage with single and double gearing which provides the operator with the ability to select the optimum cranking speed to suit each individual application and a removable depth feed/crank handle which when removed doubles up as a tool kit which can be used to adjust the angle of the drill column and base plate level bolts. The base plate is suitable for use with anchor bolts to fix firmly into position, or can alternatively be used together with the optional vacuum plate and connected to a suitable vacuum pump (like the Husqvarna VP200). An optional wheel kit is also available to assist with the movement of the drill stand to and around the job site.

The drill stand column has a clear and easy to read graduated scale affixed to it on either side which allows the operator to clearly and easily identify the depth their current drilling depth. It also has a similar scale on it at the rear which clearly indicates the angle which it is set at, this is particularly beneficial when angle drilling and a spirit bubble to help the operator easily identify if the rig has been setup perpendicular to the work surface. The depth feed/crank handle of the DS500 is simple, quick and easy to remove, and when removed, can be used as the tool kit to adjust the stand angle and base plate level bolts.

The powerful, high performance 3-speed DM430 electric motor is built from precise and well-engineered components throughout, making it ideally suited for professional work and contract use. It has an aluminium housing and a protective handle, which is designed to both protect the motor casing and make carrying easier. It is also equipped with Husqvarna Fleet Services™ which can provide users with information about the motor health by preventing further damage if there is a servicing or repair issue.