Husqvarna DMS400 Core Drill Rig c/w 110V Motor

The Husqvarna DMS400 drill motor and stand set is the definitive drilling tool for medium-heavy duty drilling projects where high productivity is required. This drilling package consists of the DM400 drill motor and the DS500 stand.

As well as excelling with typical masonry materials, the DMS 400 is also adept at water evacuation, ventilation, angle drilling, stitch drilling and cutting close to corners.

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Voltage 110V Electric
MPN 970526401
Motor Size 3200W
Maximum Core Capacity 350mm
Weight 31kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £2625.00

The DMS400 is one of Husqvarna's most versatile drill packages, delivering excellent results when drilling holes between 55mm and 350mm in diameter. Standard 1 1/4" UNC Male external and 1/2” BSP female internal motor spindle/output shaft. 

Any angle

Use the highly precise and stable drill stand to drill at whichever orientation you see fit. Vertical drilling, horizontal drilling and angled drilling is all possible when you take the time to adjust the stand and lock in your preferred angle.

Built better

Aluminium housing and a protective carry handle are just a couple of the features that make using this drill convenient to use. Precise and well-engineered components make it ideally suited to professional work. The quality you see in other Husqvarna tools is evident here.

Stand-out performance 

Optimised RPMs, a reduced speed setting for starter holes, and a 3 speed gearbox culminate in a drilling action that ticks all the boxes.


The drill motor comes wth Husqvarna Fleet Services™ which provides information about the health of the machine, preventing further damage if there is a servicing or repair issue