Husqvarna DMS280 Core Drill Rig c/w 110V Motor

The Husqvarna DMS280 is a drill motor and stand set suitable for medium-sized core drilling applications, capable of creating holes up to 250mm diameter.

The DMS 280 is so named because of the DM280 drill motor that fits to the DS250 stand. This drilling rig can be used with building materials such as bricks and different grades of concrete. 

The tilting stand facilitates angle drilling and the DMS280 is also suitable for stitch drilling and for use when installing pipes and cabling, as well as stair rails and fences.

The DMS280 is compatible with core bits above 50mm diameter. For 50mm size or below, you will need a BSP to UNC adaptor

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Voltage 110V Electric
MPN 970526501
Motor Size 2700W
Maximum Core Capacity 250mm
Weight 31kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1775.00

The DMS280 from Husqvarna offers superb value and unbeatable performance for the medium-duty market, with the advanced ergonomics and durability you would expect from a Husqvarna product. Standard 1 1/4" UNC Male external and 1/2” BSP female internal motor spindle/output shaft. Stand includes vacuum baseplate.

Overload protection and optimised pressure

Elgard™ is Husqvarna's overload warning system, which involves a pulsation signal to warn of approaching overload.A highly visible LED indicator shows the pressure load on the machine

Durable and ergonomic design

As well as protected from overload, the drill motor is shock-proof, which makes it suitable for the rigours of a construction environment. Husqvarna's famous ergonomics and build quality make this machine comfortable to use and carry.

Performance at every step 

Use the Smart Start® button on the drill motor to reduce the speed when you start drilling your hole. Once you've got going, the water-cooled 3 speed gearbox provides superb drilling performance

Precise and stable

The stand's zero-play design and robust build quality ensures that stability is never compromised. Made with aluminium and steel-reinforced magnesium for the best balance of strength and weight. The stand includes a vacuum baseplate for additional stability.