Husqvarna DM540i Core Drill Motor - Battery

The Husqvarna DM540i is a fully cordless battery-powered diamond core drill motor with an optimised for handheld drilling.

This low weight, well-balanced, powerful and easy to use two-speed motor is suitable for drilling most masonry and concrete materials - wet or dry.

Its compact size and fully cordless battery operation makes it ideally suited for use in tight spaces and poorly ventilated areas, the types of environments commonly worked in by a variety of trades, including telecoms engineers, plumbers, electricians, heating and ventilation engineers.

The DM540i is equipped with a 1¼” UNC male fitting and a ½” BSP female fitting for maximum drilling versatility and is supplied with a convenient protective carry case.

It can be used be to drill holes up to 75mm diameter handheld, or 100mm diameter when mounted on the optional Husqvarna DS150 core drill stand.

Recommended for use with the Husqvarna DS150 drill stand and Bli200 & Bli300 36V Li-ion batteries.

DM540i (Li-ion) - (1.35kW). Core range: 15-75mm handheld, up to 100mm rig mounted. 2-speed motor - Speed 1: 770-2400rpm, Speed 2: 1400-4450rpm (unloaded).

Pick you battery and charger to suit your individual budget and desired runtimes.

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MPN 9704937-01
Motor Husqvarna Brushless Motor
Motor Power 1.35kW
Motor Type Li-ion
Voltage 36V
Recommended Batteries BLi200 & BLi300
Battery included No
Charger included No
Core Range 15-75mm handheld, up to 100mm rig mounted
Connection 1 ¼" UNC Male Outer / ½" BSP Female Inner
Spindle Speeds (Unloaded)

Speed 1: 770-2400rpm

Speed 2: 1400-4450rpm

Weight (without battery) 4.9kg
Sound Pressure 86dB
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1199.00


This highly versatile, fully cordless battery drill motor is perfect for who regularly work in cramped or limited spaces, but wish to do so without being encumbered by trailing electrical cables, hydraulic hoses or being exposed to hazardous fumes.

Its compact and ergonomic design is intended to enable it to be close to the body for maximum operator control.

It has a lower rotational energy through a permanent magnetic motor in combination with advanced motor control, stopping the motor quickly in the event that the drill gets stuck. This makes the drill easier to operate and manage the power in the handles created by the stop torque and avoids snatching which can result in personal injury.

The DM540i is suitable for indoors and outdoors use alike, wet or dry, either handheld for free-drilling applications or rig mounted for more demanding drilling duties.

For the best and most efficient drilling results, it is recommended for use with one of the range of specially developed Husqvarna thin-walled diamond core bits which provide an enhanced drilling experience, drilling faster and producing a smoother cut.

The DM540i features built-in connectivity which allows the operator to monitor location, runtime, service intervals and receive wireless updates, whilst its in-house developed, advanced brushless motor is 25% more efficient than a standard brush motor, which means that the motor produces a high and consistent torque.