Husqvarna DM340 Core Drill Motor -110V Electric

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The DM340 is a newly developed, powerful (3300W), three speed, highly adaptable, easy to use core drill motor suitable for rig mounting to produce cores up to a very generous 400mm diameter.

For best results we recommend wet drilling. You can now save money by adding a Husqvarna pressurised water tank or WT15B battery powered water pump as well as a host of other accessories. Just use the dropdown menu on this page.

£1,440.00 £1,200.00
RRP £2,232.00
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£1,440.00 £1,200.00
RRP £2,232.00


Voltage 110V Electric
Motor Size 3300W
Maximum Core Capacity 400mm
Weight 14kg
Our Price £1200.00

Product Information

The DM340 has been designed for wet drilling applications and features an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry around.

The DM340 is designed for use with the Husqvarna DS450, DS50 and DS70 drill stands.

• Water cooled gearbox, where the water passes through the spindle, thus extending life of gearbox and gaskets
• Softstart - electronic current limiter ensures a softer start
• Elgard – electronic overload protection
• Smartstart - electronic rpm control