Husqvarna DE110 HEPA Dust Extractor

The Husqvarna DE110 is a compact, highly portable and versatile dust extractor which complies with the latest H-class standards for heavy-duty usage. It contains a HEPA filter (with EN 1822 certification) and an integrated filter alarm, and is ideally suited for use with handheld power tools, general cleaning and decontamination.

There are two models of DE110 available in 110V, the DE110s (standard) and the more sophisticated DE110 with more features and embedded connectivity. A fully battery powered model is also available, the DE110i.

DE110s: Simple, efficient and easy to use, with simple on/off function and H-class performance.

DE110: Equipped with a HMI that monitors performance, an e-flow function that automatically adjusts air flow and embedded connectivity allowing you to monitor location, run-time, service and filter status, and more.

DE110i: Incorporates the same features as the DE110 with the added convenience of being powered by Husqvarna’s own 36V BLi battery series. Battery and charger sold as extras.

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DE110s - 110V
DE110 - 110V
DE110i - Battery


DE110s DE110 DE110i
PNC 970 50 96-05 970 50 94-05 970 51 49-02
Power 110V 110V BLi Battery (not included)
Rated Current 7.5A 9.5A N/A
Max Vacuum 200 mbar 200 mbar TBA
Rated Input 0.9kW 1.1kW N/A
Weight 25kg 25kg 26kg
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  • High safety standards - complies with the latest H-class standards for dust extractors (all models)
  • Three-stage filtration – process includes large filter surfaces which enable long run-times between filter cleanings (all models)
  • Filters - contains HEPA filter (with EN1822 certification) which is separated from the pre-filter (all models)
  • High water protection - allows fast and efficient decontamination (all models)
  • Easy cleaning- can be done simply at the press of a button (all models)
  • Easy to transport - compact size and weight for ease of transport and storage (all models)
  • Easy to manoeuvre - lifting hooks and wheels for ease of movement (all models)
  • Longopac attachment system - easy to use with V shaped tray for easy mounting (all models)
  • Easy to clean and maintain - user friendly HMI that monitors performance and warns of operational maintenance for early and on-site trouble shooting (DE110, DE110i)
  • Embedded connectivity - allows you to swiftly monitor location, run-time, service and filter status along with other valuable usage data (DE110, DE110i)
  • E-flow system - automatically adjusts air flow to prolong time between filter cleanings (DE110, DE110i)
  • Flexible battery power - Battery run time is optimised thanks to the ingenious e-flow system which automatically adjusts air flow (DE110i)
  • Battery versatility - powered by the same Husqvarna family of 36V BLi batteries used to power a wide range of other handheld battery equipment (DE110i)