Husqvarna Construction Products




Husqvarna construction products are famous for their high performance and reliability, covering applications such as cutting, drilling and surface preparation. If you use a Husqvarna power tool, you know that you are using the best in the market. Husqvarna are not content with just creating popular tools and machines, they are always looking to improve and innovate in every area.

Red Band are the number one Husqvarna Construction dealer in the UK, supplying the rental market and construction companies of all sizes. Our showroom in Leicester is open to traders who wish to visit during office hours, and our construction experts can offer free advice on any construction equipment we supply.

Husqvarna machines and tools are designed to last for years, and Red Band can service or repair your machine and have you up and running as soon as possible. Our small but dedicated team is on hand by phone, email or web chat and we can dispatch the majority of stocked items the same day if ordered before 2pm.

Husqvarna Disc Cutters

Red Band supply the full range of power cutters from Husqvarna, featuring the flagship K770 which continues to be the global industry benchmark.  The Husqvarna K770 is the most popular machine sold by Red Band and it's easy to see why. Our customers continue to report that they are the most reliable cutters on the market, which can make the difference when your business demands high performance and consistent results from every project.

Husqvarna Floor Saws

Husqvarna floor saws and road saws provide class-leading power and torque for greater efficiency when performing deep cuts. The FS400LV is the industry standard floor saw with a cutting depth of 162mm, but the range includes models that can achieve almost twice that value. Husqvarna self-propelled and operator-propelled surface saws are available in petrol, diesel and electrically powered models.

Husqvarna Road Saws

For the larger road and concrete sawing projects, the FS5000D and FS7000D are Husqvarna's heavy duty road saws. Using blades up to 36" in diameter, these machines are built to be workhorses with a high work rate and cutting depth. 

Husqvarna Compaction

Surface preparation on gravel, soil and other particle-based terrain is done using compaction machines such as plate compactors and trench rammers. Forward, reverse and round compactors include those with a water feed, for working on asphalt. 

Husqvarna Diamond Drilling

Diamond drill rigs, motors and stands from Husqvarna can be used alongside a number of accessories available from Red Band UK. You can also find Vari-Drill D20 and D810 wet core bits as well as some dry diamond core drill bits.

Husqvarna Floor Grinders

Floor grinding and polishing machines from Husqvarna are accompanied by a range of grinding tools and polishing pads. The most popular single-plate grinder is the PG280, but the more heavy duty grinding and polishing machines have three grinding discs that rotate in different directions. Whatever the size of area you need to transform, there is a Husqvarna surface polishing machine suitable for you.

Husqvarna Dust & Slurry Products

Exposure to dust is a hazard that needs to be addressed and minimised. Aside from clearing the working area of dust from dry cutting and slurry from wet cutting, the worker needs to be protected from airborne particles. Simple solutions such as wet & dry vacuums have been around for decades, but today's range of dust extractors, pre-separators and air cleaners are revolutionising the industry and creating clean and safe working environments for construction professionals around the world. 

Husqvarna Masonry Saws

Red Band's selection of Husqvarna masonry saws features the ever popular TS range. The TS350 and TS400 produce superb results when cutting bricks, concrete blocks and similar building materials. Folding legs and transport wheels make the saws portable and convenient to store, whilst the adjustable cutting head enables angled cuts between 45° and 90º

Husqvarna Diamond Blades

Cutting blades are embedded with small diamonds to optimise performance and longevity. Whatever the material you're cutting, machine you're cutting with, or scale of the job at hand; Red Band can help you find the right Husqvarna Diamond Blade. Husqvarna's Diagrip™ technology ensures each diamond segment is perfectly positioned. The blades are tiered as Tacti-Cut, Vari-Cut and Elite-Cut in order to balance value with performance.