Husqvarna BV Screed Blades

The Husqvarna BV range of screed blades are designed specifically for use with the Husqvarna BV30 (petrol) and BV30i (battery) walk-behind wet concrete screed drive units.

The range consists of 5 interchangeable blades with varying working widths, ranging from 1.8 to 4.2m in length.

The blades themselves are made from a hardened aluminium extrusion, which is rigid, lightweight, durable, non-corrosive and can be used on thin slabs as little as 100mm.

The rigid bottom plate has a V-shaped profile that is designed to drive excess concrete backwards, refilling operator foot marks in the process, while their round (bull-nosed) ends are designed to leave the least possible marks, so that less additional surface work is required. Since the blades are both lightweight and rigid vibrations are transferred uniformly across the entire blade length, resulting in a high-quality slab finish. The shape of the blade profile means that concrete does not get trapped inside the blade while working, making them easier to clean.

Interchanging blade lengths is quick and easy too (just two bolts), which allows greater working versatility with less downtime, as well as making them easier to transport and store too.

Husqvarna BV Screed Blades) - 5 blade lengths available (1.8 to 4.2m). 6.5/12.8kg*.

Designed for use with Husqvarna BV30 and BV30i professional walk-behind wet concrete screeds.

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BV30 Screed Blades          
Working Width 1.8m 2.4m 3.0m 3.6m 4.2m
MPN 9678587-01 9678588-01 9678589-01 9678590-01 9678591-01
Weight 6.5kg 8kg 9.6kg  11.2kg 12.8kg
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