Husqvarna Automower Housing

Husqvarna's Automower housing protects the charging station and the robot mower from exposure to the sun and rain. You have a roof over your head, so why can't your new garden gadget have some shelter to keep it in great condition?

Easily installed, the Husqvarna house has hinges and openings to enable easy access to the controls. This is designed to fit to the docking/charging station that comes with Husqvarna Automowers. The docking station and mower are not included in this product, this product listing is for the housing.

Please note the new 405X and 415X models fit the 300 series option.

300 series = 305, 310, 315, 405X, 415X

400/500 Series = 430X, 450X, 520, 550, 550 EPOS

400/500 Series AWD = 435X AWD, 535 AWD

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  300 Series 400 Series 400/500 AWD Series
Compatible models 310, 315, 315X 420, 430X, 450X, 520, 550 435X AWD & 535 AWD
Part number 587236101 585019401 597635301
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Husqvarna Automower® has been engineered to work in all conditions. To maintain its elegant finish, the matching Husqvarna Automower® House protects against the long-term effects of rain and sun exposure. Thanks to the foldable top, the mower keypad and display are easy to access while the mower is charging. All wire connections can be reached through the cable hatch on the back.