Husqvarna AT Vibrating Poker Heads

Husqvarna AT poker heads are used with the Husqvarna AME1600 poker drive unit. Each size of vibrator head is very durable and works extremely well with the AME1600.

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. AT29 AT39 AT49 AT59
967 85 96-01 967 85 96-02 967 85 96-03 967 85 96-04
Tube Diameter 29 mm 39 mm 49 mm 59 mm
Vibrating Frequency 1200 vpm 1200 vpm 1200 vpm 1200 vpm
Vibration Value 12.09 m/s² 8.86 m/s² 9.74 m/s² 10.29 m/s²
Tube Weight 1.3 kg 2.1 kg 2.7 kg 3.9 kg
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Optimal diameter

Choose from four different poker head diameters, from 29mm up to 59mm diameter. Check the spec chart above.

High productivity

The area of influence is ten times the diameter of the vibrator head, so the radius of action within the concrete would range from 290mm to 590mm.

Durable and reliable

The thick-tempered vibrator tube end cap increases the service life of the product. The permanently-lubricated rotor is designed for maximum reliability