Husqvarna AD10 Auto Drill

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The Husqvarna AD10 Auto Drill is an automatic drill system designed for use with the Husqvarna DM220, DM280 and DM340 core drill motors, and the DS450ATS, DS70ATS and GS50 Gyro core drill stands.

With the aid of one control, the operator controls the speed, direction and power of the AD10, and the drill stand it is mounted on - no manual work is required.

instead of standing still and feeding the drill bit in by hand, the AD10 Auto Drill allows the operator to prepare for the next step while the drill is in progress, thereby increasing productivity considerably when drilling multiple holes. Easy, eronomic and efficient - hands-free drilling, the Husqvarna way.

£1,290.00 £1,075.00
RRP £1,718.40
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£1,290.00 £1,075.00
RRP £1,718.40

Product Information

Easy. The AD10 is very easy to install and use. The AD10 senses which drill motor is being used and automatically optimises the feed rate.

Efficient. The AD10 is able to identify and select the optimium feed rate and fast extraction of the drill core, increasing efficiency.

Ergonomic. The AD10 reduces operator fatigue and body stress, negating the need for the operator to stand with bent knees and curved back during the drilling process.

Profitable. With hands-free drilling, more holes can be produced in one day, compared with manually feeding the core drill. Optimising the feed rate also means less wear and tear on the drill bit, extending product life. This makes AD10 an investment with quick payback time.