The Husqvarna AMG3200 is a petrol poker drive unit that powers the AA and AZ series of poker heads. Free UK delivery online

Husqvarna AMG3200 Poker Drive Unit - 4.8Hp Petrol

Vib Bar Concrete Vibrator

VIB-BAR Portable Concrete Vibrator - Petrol

Husqvarna AA Pendulum Pokers

Husqvarna concrete vibrators are suitable for heavy-duty concrete work and designed to work with the AMG3200 and AMD3000 drive units. 

The quick-coupling system ensures easy connection to the drive unit and the flexible shaft increases portability around the site. The ergonomic design and high quality components ensure comfort and durability.

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Model AA27 AA37 AA47 AA67 AA77
Tube Diameter 25 mm 39 mm 50 mm 63 mm 75 mm
Frequency 12000 vpm 12000 vpm 11200 vpm 10500 vpm 9200 vpm
Hose Length 6 m 6 m 6 m 6 m 6 m
Total Weight 10 kg 19 kg 23 kg 25 kg 29 kg
Sound Power 69 dB(A) 68 dB(A) 73 dB(A) 69 dB(A) 69 dB(A)
Vibration Levels 2.46 m/s² 1.56 m/s² 3.52 m/s² 2.66 m/s² 3.16 m/s²
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Extend your reach

The generous 6 metre hose on each AA poker provides enough reach to complete medium-to-large projects. Spend more time working and less time repositioning.

Efficient performance

No loss in vibrations thanks to the conical shape within the head to maintain performance speed. 

Simple, sturdy design

The overall simplicity of the design ensures maintenance is easy and inexpensive.The main wearing parts are made with hardened magnesium/steel and the rubber hose is reinforced with steel. This increases service life.