Husqvarna 550 EPOS Automower® - Professional Robotic mower (area <5000m sq)

The Automower® 550 EPOS features Husqvarna's Exact Positioning Operating System, which is a revolutionary area mapping method that uses virtual guidance instead of wires.

Husqvarna have been pioneers in robotic mowing since 1995 and until now, Automower® has required installation on site using boundary wires and guide wires to operate the machine. However, EPOS technology eliminates the need for boundary wires, instead using multiple satellite signals for precise, wireless navigation. Requires the Husqvarna EPOS Reference Station to operate

Other features include:

Anti-theft alarm and GPS tracking | Husqvarna Fleet Services | 45% slope capability | 20-60mm cutting height | Weather Timer


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MPN 970465303
Maximum Area Capacity 5000m²
Area Capacity per hour 210m²
Cutting Width/Height 24/2-6cm
Typical Charging Time 75min
Typical Mow Time (on one charge) 260min
Power consumption (during cutting) 35W +/-20%
Mean Energy Consumption (at max use) 23kWh/month
Noise Level (dB(A) guaranteed) 61dB(A)
Weight 13.9kg
Minimum Passage 60cm
Maximum Slope (inside installation) 45% (24°)
Maximum Slope (by boundary wire) 15%
Graphic Display Size Large
Extra Blades Included 9pcs
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Husqvarna Fleet Services

For commercial users with more than one Automower device, Husqvarna's Fleet Services app lets you manage a fleet of robotic mowers from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Multiple work areas

For complex lawns and conjoined green areas, the 550 EPOS allows you to assign temporary stay-out zones and dividing paths where the machine will not operate. For example, two lawn areas may be divided by a path. This model of Automower® allows the machine to travel across the path without engaging the cutting blades, or stay off the path altogether.

Please note the 550 EPOS Automower® requires the Husqvarna EPOS Reference Station to operate. This is not included in the base price but you can purchase this alongside the mower using the dropdown option before you add to basket.