Husqvarna 536LiB Blower -Li-ion Battery

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The 536LiB is a new professional LOW NOISE, lightweight, well BALANCED leaf blower featuring a round nozzle.

The ADVANCED design delivers exceptional performance which can be enhanced or prolonged either BOOST or SAVE mode.

The 536LiB EXCLUDES the supply of BLi200 batteries and QC330 charger, which are required to use/power the unit and are available to buy as optional extras.

Husqvarna recommend the purchase of 2 x BLi200 batteries and a QC330 charger with the 536LiB (optional extras), or for extended use the BLi550X back pack. Please note, only 1 x BLi200 battery is required to power the 536LiB. By alternating two BLi200 batteries and QC330 quick charger, it is possible to enjoy continuous use because the recharge time is faster than the discharge time. The same BLi200 batteries and QC330 charger can also be used to power other hand held forest and garden equipment in the Husqvarna range. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare Husqvarna batteries.

£300.00 £250.00
RRP £350.40
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£300.00 £250.00
RRP £350.40


Model 536LiB
Recommended Battery+Charger BLi200 + QC330
Other Compatible Batteries BLi10BLi20BLi100BLi300, plus all backpack batteries
Power 36V
Run Time (using BLi200) 35/20min (Light/Tough)
Charging Time (1) 30/50min (1)
Air Speed (1) 54m/s2 120.79mph
Air Flow* 12.5m3/min
Vib Level* 0.5m/s2
Weight 2.4kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT(**)) £250.00 (536LiB Only)

**EXCLUDES the supply of BLi200 batteries and QC330 charger, which are available to buy as optional extras and are required to use/power the unit.

Run time (1) free run with saVe activated.
Charge time (1) 80%/100% in minutes for recommended mix.
(1) Round Nozzle, 54m/s 120.79 mph.
* Measured in air pipe. 

Product Information

The 536LiB is part of the revolutionary Husqvarna battery series providing users with the high performance expected from petrol powered equivalents, with the additional benefits of reduced vibrations, lower running and maintenance costs, lower operating noise levels, all at low weight, with exceptional balance, easy to manoeuvre and enjoyable to use.

The 536LiB has superb ergonomics thanks to a COMFORT handle, and additionally features an INTUITIVE KEY PAD, CRUISE CONTROL and an adjustable air tube to further aid blowing performance.

• LOW NOISE - low noise provide a more comfortable working environment and less distrubance to others, perfect for residential and other noise sensitive areas
• BALANCED - the design of the machine placing the battery towrads the rear gives superb balance, meaning that the machine is more manoeuvrable and less strenuous to use
•  ADVANCED - fan motor design delivers best in class performance and the air stream is in line with the handle for enhanced manoeuvrability
• BOOST - mode allows a temporary lift in power and blow speed when demanding conditions require it
• SAVE - in less demanding conditions, activating the saVe function instantly puts the machine into power saving mode, extending the run time of the battery
• COMFORT - grip ergonomic handle with soft inserts and hook for use with brush cutter harness. This ensures operator comfort during prolonged use
• INTUITIVE KEY PAD - with clear and conveniently placed controls, the Husqvarna battery range is incredibly easy to operate
• CRUISE CONTROL - control allows the operator to set the optimum blow speed to balance work in hand, maximise run time and deliver the greatest ease of use and handling
** EXCLUDES the supply of BLi200 batteries and QC330 charger, which are available to buy as optional extras and are required to use/power the unit.