Husqvarna 535iRX Brushcutter - Li-ion Battery

The Husqvarna 535iRX is a high performance bullhorn brushcutter powered by a single lithium ion battery. Includes grass blade and trimmer head.

This battery powered brushcutter achieves the equivalent power levels to that of a 35cc petrol engine, and is suited for full time professional use. The recommended BLi300 battery and QC500 can be used with other machines in Husqvarna's Forest & Garden Battery Range.

Please note the base price for the 535iRX is without battery or charger. If you already have a BLi200 or BLi300 battery then you can use it and save money, otherwise choose an available battery and charger from the options below. Please see our machine and battery compatibility chart to compare Husqvarna batteries.


£480.00 £400.00
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RRP from £569.00 Inc. VAT
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Model 535 iRX
MPN 967850603
Recommended Battery+Charger BLi300 + QC500
Other Compatible Batteries BLi20, BLi30, BLi200, plus all backpack batteries
Motor BLDC 36V Brushless
Run Time (using BLi300) 45/30min (Blade/Line)
Charging Time (QC500) 60min
Vib Level F/R* 1.3/1.4m/s²
Trimmer Head T35
Grass Blade Included? Yes
Weight (excluding battery) 4.9kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT(**)) £400.00 (535i RX Only)

Three speeds

Adjust the cutting mode according to the job at hand for maximum efficiency. Save battery power on light cutting tasks, and crank it up to the max for the tough stuff.

Green and mobile

Be eco-friendly without sacrificing power with Husqvarna's high torq battery powered motor. Use the BLi300 battery for 30-45 minutes use on one charge, or use a backpack battery for much longer running time between charges

Start safely

A specific starting routine reduces the risk of accidental activation. Users have to disengage the safety component before attempting to start the machine, otherwise a warning light flashes.

Only good vibrations

Anti-vibration dampeners absorb much of the vibrating sensation, ensuring maximum safety and comfort. The low weight and well balanced ergonomics mean you can work for longer in comfort.